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Posted by on Jul 5, 2013 in Guest Post, International Education, Teach Abroad, Travel |

Teaching English Abroad: Convincing Your Parents, Loved Ones & Friends

A school year in most countries lasts 8-9 months. If you decide that teaching English abroad in a foreign country is for you, you should expect to spend this much time away from home, friends, and family. This certainly isn’t an easy decision to make under any circumstances. However by having the proper mindset, you can effectively convince not only your friends and family, but yourself as well, that this is the right decision. Here are the top three selling points you can use to convince your family and friends that teaching abroad is the right decision:

1) Personal Growth/Development

 It isn’t easy to grow up. Having a job and making your own life choices can be a very liberating and rewarding experience, but it can also be tough. Going abroad alone is one of the most effective ways to jumpstart the transition towards adulthood. If the opportunity (and the destination) is right, go for it. At the very least, teaching abroad will allow you to find out who you are and what you want out of life. Teaching abroad will bring your dreams into focus.

2) The Opportunity of a Lifetime

You only live once. Traveling abroad is an incredible experience, providing you with memories and experiences that are impossible to duplicate. It’s better to have these formative experiences when you’re young, because they provide you with wisdom and experience that puts you a step ahead of most people your age. Besides, it’s only for a few months of a year, and you can always keep in touch with your friends and family through Skype, international calling or e-mail.

3) Furthering your Career

If you’re passionate about teaching ESL, then teaching abroad is the perfect way to kick off your career. The world needs good teachers who care deeply about the development of their students and want to help them learn English. You’ll gain experience in an unfamiliar environment and show future employers that you are willing to take risks to pursue your love of education. This, in turn, will help you stand out when prospective employers compare you to your peers.

These are only a few of the values you can convey to your family, friends, and significant others to convince them that teaching English abroad is a good decision for you. If still deciding whether or not teaching abroad is right for you, you’re not alone. It isn’t an easy decision for anyone and isn’t something that should be decided on a whim. But if you get that gut feeling and discover that this is right for me, don’t hesitate.

Jump on the opportunity as it comes and don’t look back. It may not turn out like you expect it to for whatever reason. But it is an experience you will never forget and will be a springboard launching you into a rewarding future.

After obtaining degrees in English Literature and English Secondary Education,Sean Lords packed up his bags and left to Seoul, South Korea where he lived for three years teaching English abroad after being certified by Oxford Seminars. Sean has since returned to the States and is currently at work on his Master’s degree. Follow Sean on Twitter or Google +.