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Posted by on Oct 14, 2013 in Blog, Guest Post |

12 Tips for Travel Blogging

This is a guest post written by Elsa Thomasma of GoAbroad. See her bio below!

Travel blogging can become an extremely valuable resource for a traveler to share experiences with family and friends back home, raise funds for trips or charitable causes, serve as a travel guide for other potential travelers, and gain exposure as an up-and-coming writer. But writing a successful travel blog requires effort. The following 12 tips for travel blogging give suggestions to make a travel blog more enticing, easy to read, and frequently shared.

Shops in the City of Derry~Londonderry

1. Write what you want to write (your audience will self-select!). Keep your blog authentic: write for yourself, write for personal growth, and write to create a testimony of what you experience in your travels.

2. Update friends and family. It is often difficult to keep everyone up to date with personal emails, phone calls, or the like, so travel blogging is a great way to update family and friends all at once on what you are doing and experiencing while abroad.

3. Share on Social Media. Share your blog with the world and gain more views! Blogging is a fast-growing trend and more people are looking to blogs for essential information on destinations and programs abroad.

4. Use descriptive words and adjectives. Paint a picture with your words. The last thing someone wants to see in a travel blog is a boring, scholarly article that looks more like Wikipedia then an exciting adventure abroad. Plus, when you look back at your blog years from now you will enjoy the “walk down memory lane” much more if you can actually picture the experiences and places from your travels.

British Red Phonebooth Sculptrue Kingston Upon the Thames

5. Include pictures and video if you can. Blogs can become “books” of your travels, for other to read and for you to remember your trip for a lifetime. If you are having a busy day or just can’t seem to write a meaningful entry, don’t fret, post a video or photo. As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words.” You may also encounter places or people that simply cannot be explained in words,so utilize different media to express the things you see.

6. Spell check! Always, always proofread. In order to avoid embarrassment or loss of credibility, run a quick spell check and ensure the things you want to say come out the way you want them to.

7. Reply to comments and make comments. If family, friends, or strangers take the time to comment on your blog, take time to comment back! Keep those who do read your travel blog happy by showing you appreciate their interest in what you are doing.

Elsa with Children

8. Have a donation button if you are doing charity work. Take advantage of donation tools on your blog if you are involved with a respected organization or program that includes donations to the project as an option. A clickable donation button directly on your blog allows for donations to be collected centrally and effortlessly.

9. Thank particular people or organizations. Recognition = affirmation + appreciation. If people or an organization supports you with encouragement or by making your travels possible, show some love!

10. Don’t make it too long, or too short. Find a happy medium when it comes to length. Share the important details, expand on the powerful moments and experiences, and emphasize essential components of the situations or places, but don’t drag a story on. Often short, sweet, and to the point makes more sense!

Bicycles in San Francisco

11. Remember there is no deadline. Don’t feel rushed or obligated. Blogging is about quality not quantity. As many of the former tips suggest, your blog should be primarily for you so write at your own pace. Enjoy writing that doesn’t have an assigned due date.

12. Nothing to write about..don’t write. (See number 10 and 11) If you are spouting nonsense just to complete an entry for the day, stop! Write only when you have something to write about and you will enjoy writing each entry more fully. If you find yourself forcing a blog entry, take a day off, go explore, experience, and develop additional inspiration.

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Elsa Thomasma currently works for as a Content Manager at their Asia office. She spends her free time in a rural village called Cangumbang, where she fundraised for, constructed, and continues to develop a community center project. Throughout her trips between the U.S. and the Philippines over recent years she utilized her travel blog to raise over $35,000 dollars for various projects in the Philippines. She is now a writer, editor, fundraiser, blogger, and traveler. Follow her @ElsaAgnesRose and view her Travelpod blog.