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Hooked on alternative & meaningful travel? You’ve come to the right place.

Take the travel profile quiz, access travel planning resources, learn more about international education opportunities, and read first-person narratives on change through travel. (Don’t forget to monthly update to get the highlights on alternative & meaningful travel!)

A Note from Samantha

Travel is my greatest teacher. It has allowed me to dig into life’s biggest questions and change my perspective, habits, and mind. Travel has given me encounters with beauty and chaos, thrown me in the path of the unexpected, taught me to value diversity, and helped me face fear of the unknown. 

Adventure is for life…not just your twenties! Join me in making this mantra a daily practice. 
May you travel well and often, 
Samantha Martin

(Samantha has lived, studied, worked, or volunteered in the United States, Cyprus, Northern Ireland and Colombia and traveled to many other countries. She has been helping others travel since since 2006. She is a founder of Via TRM.)

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I kicked off this adventure with the The Traveling Advisor in August 2012.