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How to Choose an International Program

Posted by on Oct 16, 2013 in Blog, Feature, International Education, Scholarships, Study Abroad, Teach Abroad, Travel, Travel Planning, Volunteer Abroad, Work Abroad |

During my time as a study abroad advisor, I was frequently asked the question, Which program is better? There are no “right” or “wrong” choices when choosing an international program*, only different outcomes and consequences. Ask these 10 questions to determine which international program is right for you. *Choose an international program through a reputable organization that offers international programs! If you don’t know any reputable programs, check out or 1. Why am I traveling?  Write down every reason you can think of as to why you are interested in traveling, studying, working, or volunteering abroad. Maybe you want to see a new place, learn a new language,...

jacksonville (a poem)

Posted by on Oct 14, 2013 in Blog, Change |

I wrote this poem in 2008 while living in Jacksonville, Florida and waiting to move to Northern Ireland. Five years later, I am about to make my next move and felt it appropriate to revisit this poem.   this city is a holding cell neither point A or B just somewhere along the line   this city is white noise I am in an extended layover waiting for the next...

12 Tips for Travel Blogging

Posted by on Oct 14, 2013 in Blog, Guest Post |

This is a guest post written by Elsa Thomasma of GoAbroad. See her bio below! Travel blogging can become an extremely valuable resource for a traveler to share experiences with family and friends back home, raise funds for trips or charitable causes, serve as a travel guide for other potential travelers, and gain exposure as an up-and-coming writer. But writing a successful travel blog requires effort. The following 12 tips for travel blogging give suggestions to make a travel blog more enticing, easy to read, and frequently shared. 1. Write what you want to write (your audience will self-select!). Keep your blog authentic: write for yourself, write for personal growth, and write to...

Maps as Art and a Metaphor for Life

Posted by on Oct 3, 2013 in Blog, Change, Feature |

Maps are conceptual perfection. Lines, dots, colors, and symbols all neatly grouped together to convey distance, space, culture, and place in one compelling visual. Oh the joys of exploring the interplay of parts and wholes! Zeroing in on a small detail and then zooming out again to capture the complete picture in one delightful moment! Maybe like Ken Jennings, I’m a “Map Head“. (Although in his geography quiz I scored at an ‘American college student’, which is narrowly above ‘the atlas shrugs’ and ‘Terrain wreck’ and sadly far below ‘Sensei of direction’ and ‘Certified maphead’!) So even though I won’t win the geography bee, my travel obsession combined with...

More Choice, Perks & Savings When I BUY or FLY Frontier Airlines?

Posted by on Sep 15, 2013 in Blog |

Written from the air on Friday, September 13, 2013. Dear Frontier Airlines, Today is my first flight with you, Frontier Airlines. In fact, I am writing this from Flight 831. I sure picked a weird day to fly to Colorado. Just after fastening my seatbelt for takeoff, the captain informed us that our flight to Denver was delayed for 2 hours because the flooding is so bad that many  air traffic controllers couldn’t make it to work today. Eesh. Friday the 13th? Nah, I’m not superstitious. Overall, Frontier, I’m impressed. Your personnel have been friendly & personable.  When the delay was announced, we were allowed to deplane to get lunch...

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Tell Your Study Abroad Story

Posted by on Sep 8, 2013 in Feature, International Education, Study Abroad, technology and travel, Travel |

Social media provides dynamic spaces to share your study abroad story. That story begins the moment you decide to go and continues long after you return home. The idea is not to be glued to your computer all day but to thoughtfully use social media to engage your community throughout your study abroad experience.  1. Curate Your Study Abroad Story Curation means carefully choosing, creating, and sharing visually or conceptually interesting content via a distribution outlet, in this case, social media. People gravitate towards content that conveys particular themes, messages, or moods but tend to ignore an information dump. (A classic example of an info-dump is the rambling travelogue…. “Then...