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What is Your Travel Profile?

Take the 20 question quiz to discover your travel profile or identify your match! Find out who you travel best with and receive specific recommendations for your profile type.

During my travels, I am most looking forward to

The primary reason I travel is to

When I return from traveling out of town, I first tell people about

If I were to describe my experiences in a new place, I would focus more on

When it comes to my personal and professional goals

In my social groups, I am more often than not the

When I pack for my travels (or think about doing so), I

Traveling by myself is

The people I usually learn the most from when traveling are

When I do not understand an upsetting encounter or situation

Timetables, schedules and set plans make me feel

I learn the most when I am

When I discover a new topic or idea, it is more worthwhile for me to

When I go to a new city, I usually spend most of my time

When I encounter something that I strongly disagree with

The following quote rings the most true to me.

I think most people would say that I am

I usually leave for the airport or train or bus station

I am in a group of people and we are trying to decide where to go for dinner. I will probably  

If I were to keep a travel journal or blog, I would probably

The Seeker (ITPC or IFPC or ITSC)

You view every day as an opportunity to learn something new and travel with a hunger to understand more about who you are and the world around you. Read the full profile here. 

The Investigator (ITPST or GTPST)

You are intrigued by what you do not know and find great satisfaction in discovering answers to questions and solving problems. Read the full profile here. 

The Global Citizen (IFSC or GFSC)

You view the world as your home which means you are comfortable to live and travel in many different places. Read the full profile here.

The Nomad (ITSST or IFPST)

You love to experience the richness of the outer world while exploring the depth of your inner world every step of the way. Read the full profile here.

The Co-Pilot (GTSST or GFSST or GFPST)

To travel by yourself is almost unthinkable but you will go just about anywhere as long as you are with people you love and trust. Read the full profile here.

The Conquistador (GTPC or GTSC)

You enjoy challenges and travel is an interesting way for you to create many different types of goals and then achieve them with gusto! Read the full profile here.

The Aesthetic (GFPC or IFSST)

You are driven to experience and appreciate beauty in all of its forms– the view of the clouds from the airplane, a piece of artwork, a human face, the sound of rain, the architecture of a bridge, or the taste of something cooked with skill to perfection. Read the full profile here.