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The Co-Pilot

Puffins on the Skellig Islands Ireland

To travel by yourself is almost unthinkable but you will go just about anywhere as long as you are with people you love and trust. You do not like to come up with the main ideas or make big decisions, but you have good insights about how to make the experience better for everyone. You are open to having new experiences, such as trying new foods, learning another language, or hiking to the top of a mountain but you stay motivated if you are working towards a new goal with a friend or group of people. You make friends quickly but not because you are ‘the life of the party’. You are sincere and people feel comfortable around you. Sometimes you do not accomplish what you had set out to do because you go along with what other people want to do. However, your ability to read your travel companions and people you meet along the way means you can also learn to understand who you are as a traveler if you apply those same skills of observation to personal reflection.

Profile Breakdown

  • Group – Thinker – Spontaneous – Stability
  • Group – Feeler – Spontaneous – Stability
  • Group – Feeler – Planner – Stability


Co-pilots make the best travel companions because they value the cohesion of the group more than their personal goals but also provide useful insights on how to plan and make the most of the experience. When traveling in pairs or groups, the Co-Pilot plays an important role in keeping up the spirit of the group and being an encouraging voice to point out how to make both comfortable and uncomfortable situations a learning opportunity. Co-Pilots often enjoy being the photographer or blogger of the group because it is a way they can interact with others and their environment while creating a catalog to remember and share with others later. However, Co-Pilots may need to assert their opinion more often so that they can ensure that they benefit as much as everyone else from the travel experience. It is a challenge for Co-Pilots to cope with unfamiliar environments and they best adapt with the support of those they trust as well as opening themselves up to the possibility of learning from new experiences. Co-Pilots serve others through supporting roles in specific projects or by working with people who need someone with good listening skills who can empathize with them.

Co-Pilots often travel well with the Investigator, Global Citizen, and Conquistador but may find the fast pace or spontaneous nature of the Seeker, Nomad, and Aesthetic difficult to adjust to.


“Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.” – Maya Angelou