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The Global Citizen

Sculpture in South Beach Miami Florida

You view the world as your home which means you are comfortable to live and travel in many different places. If you don’t already speak more than one language, it is one of your life goals. You define ‘neighbor’ as someone who lives across the globe as well as the person who lives next door. For this reason, you make lifestyle choices to support the idea that we are (and will continue to be) interconnected. More specifically, you are knowledgeable about geography and the global economy, politics, and current events. You support local and international humanitarian organizations and make a point to serve whatever community you find yourself in. Some describe you as an activist because you are passionate about social justice, personal responsibility, and global education. Although sincere, sometimes your dedication to ideas and causes makes it difficult for you to accept when you or others make a mistake and you struggle when the reality does not live up to your ideals. Nonetheless, your deep sense of purpose drives you to make meaningful changes in yourself and community and your love of other people and cultures allows you to make important sacrifices for the good of others. You are likely to be a life-long traveler and perhaps even an expat.

Profile Breakdown

  • Individual – Feeler – Spontaneous – Change
  • Group – Feeler – Spontaneous – Change


The Global Citizen has the real potential to flourish even under harsh or uncomfortable circumstances due to their altruistic nature and commitment to creating change. However, in life as well as on the road, perfection is impossible. What is more, those who travel are often faced with difficult moral dilemmas that make the “right” answer hard to discern and this is difficult for The Global Citizen because they aim to make the correct choice in all situations. In other words, what is needed is the ability to accept some level of moral ambiguity while adhering to the principal of right thinking and doing. Inevitably, when something goes wrong, it will be important for the Global Citizen to forgive and let go (or sometimes laugh!) when a personal encounter, project, or journey could have gone better. The Global Citizen is the most likely profile type to dedicate a significant amount of time, energy and resources to service work and they thrive when working in close partnership with experienced community partners and both local and international volunteers.

The Global Citizen travels well with The Seeker, Co-Pilot, and Investigator but will often clash with the values of the Aesthetic and the Conquistador. The Nomad works well with the Global Citizen if both can come together for a time over a common goal or service project.


“The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.” – G. K. Chesterton