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The Investigator

Face Sculpture in Firenzi (Florence) Italy

You are intrigued by what you do not know and find great satisfaction in discovering answers to questions and solving problems. You research thoroughly before you travel, enjoy finding the best hidden spots, and are delighted by new facts, figures, and personal insights related to the history, culture, and customs of a new place or people. When you travel, you actually read the museum signs, pay for the audio guides, and wander the streets off the beaten path. You enjoy or even prefer to travel alone but like the company of those who can discuss what has happened or is happening around you. When in unfamiliar environments, others trust your judgement because you base your decisions on good information and logic. However, for this reason, it is sometimes difficult for you to go along with the decisions of other people or to accept when you or someone else makes a mistake that costs you time or money on the road. One of your greatest assets as a traveler is your ability to sift and sort the large amount of sensory information and distill it into an analysis that you and others can understand. Your quick thinking and calm decision-making also serve you well when in the milieu of traveling.

Profile Breakdown

  • Individual – Thinker – Planner – Stability
  • Group – Thinker – Planner – Stability


Investigators require a great deal of freedom and flexibility in making decisions during the planning and travel process. They thrive when given the opportunity to explore and research their environment at their own pace and are able to test their new conclusions and insights against the insights of someone whose opinion they respect. Investigators often need to remind themselves that it is okay to not know something and to even try to enjoy ambiguity as a part of the travel experience. Investigators excel in service that involves knowledge-sharing (teaching) for educational purposes and correctly identifying problems.

The Investigator travels well with the Global Citizen, Seeker, and Co-Pilot but may find the Conquistador and Aesthetic unfocused. The Investigator and Nomad can work well together for shorter periods of time when the values and goals are similar.


“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quiestest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” –Pat Conroy