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The Seeker

Streets of Paris

You view every day as an opportunity to learn something new and travel with a hunger to understand more about who you are and the world around you. You ask lots of questions and consider many possible answers before coming to any conclusions and are not intimidated by difference of place or difference in others. When you travel you are eager to try to speak the language, taste new foods, and meet anyone you encounter along the way and take calculated risks when the benefit may be learning a new lesson or creating a great story. Friends and new acquaintances are often drawn to you because you enjoy listening and learning from other’s stories as well as sharing your own. If something does not go as planned, you accept the changes and adapt to the reality of the circumstances. One of your greatest tools as a traveler is your curiosity, flexibility, and openness. However, committing to staying in one place or trying to learn to do one thing really well is sometimes difficult for you. After all, there are so many things to do and see! The destination as well as the journey is interesting to you and travel may well become a lifelong goal and practice.

Profile Breakdown

  • Individual – Thinker – Planner – Change
  • Individual – Feeler – Planner – Change
  • Individual – Thinker – Spontaneous – Change


Seekers need to explore and process their thoughts, emotions, and experiences frequently (e.g. blogging, keeping a journal, tape recorder of thoughts, taking photos, drawing, writing music, etc.) in order to make the most of a travel experience. It is important for Seekers to frequently build in some time to relax in a quiet place to balance out their feverish physical, emotional, and intellectual pace. Seekers travel well by themselves or with others but need to be aware that others may not wish to keep the same pace, take as many risks, or discuss everything in such great detail. Typically, Seekers excel in service that helps others connect to their own story and empathize with others.

The Seeker travels well with any of the profile types as long as there are plenty of opportunities for new learning and experiences along the way and the other person is willing to share their own thoughts, feelings, emotions and insights with the Seeker. The profile type most similar to the Seeker is the Global Citizen. Since alone time is also crucial to this personality type, the Seeker will travel well with someone who values time apart as much as the time together.


“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” –Jawaharial Nehru